Healing the Body


Healing the Body, We Are
Healing the Body, We Are
Healing the Body and
The Body of the Earth  

And if you feel the pain, 
know that you are still awake
And give yourself the grace and time to heal the body  

Spoken word

Crawling out of tunnels of sickness
We are born to dress in the riches
Of this skin, this flesh, this bone
This temple, shrine this called my own

How to heal, one might ask
Could’ve been we were moving too fast
Got to balance to be healthy
Eat real, pure it’ll keep us stealthy

I stick to the self-care of my body
There’s no out there human that can cure me
True healing comes from within
I light the torch of my spirit, journey begin

Vocals, Looping- Jen Myzel
Arrangement- Narayan from Zion


Healing the Body was written while I was recovering from being sick. Every time I am sick, I feel more connected to the collective sickness, and the collective power to heal.  My teacher Joanna Macy encourages us to shed our unexamined assumptions around personal pathology. Western culture tends to personalize and diagnose. "You are depressed", "You have cancer".  I would like to beg to differ. "We are depressed" "We have cancer" is scarily a more accurate painting of the picture.

Usually our illnesses, our depressions, our rage, are not merely "ours" but a reflection of the whole.  This is not to say that we should not take full responsibility for ourselves. This is simply to say- let's not be angry at ourselves when we are sick or down. Let us motivate ourselves to heal ourselves, on behalf of the healing of the whole. We are a part of the Living Earth, and the Living Earth is a part of us.

When we heal ourselves, we feel good inside, and then we can truly contribute to the healing of our world. I have gone through five years of healing with herbs, earth connection, energy healing, healthy relationships, and whole organic foods, and I am so blessed to know what is possible. I went from nearly dying to thriving, so I want to sing and let everyone know that what we can experience on the personal, we CAN experience on the collective. This is true and this is possible. You CAN heal yourself.