1. Silence Speak: An Interactive Musical Journey Around the Spiral of the Work that Reconnects
---What does this entail? It entails a beautiful afternoon or evening of songs off the album Silence Speak. The songs thematically and energetically tell a new story of our time, bringing us on an experiential learning journey, from Gratitude, to Honoring our Pain for the World, to Seeing with New Eyes, and finally into Going Forth. Interspersed will be interactive practices from The Work that Reconnects, a series of practices that help us stay awake to our world. (More info can be found at: )  

2. Jen Myzel Concert
---the classic offering of a music concert! Anywhere from a home to a community center to a community garden to an ampitheatre. Will include stories and some teachings from the Work that Reconnects as well.

3. Rallies, Protests, Conferences
---The songs off my album Silence Speak are thematically intended to encourage action and growth for a better world. I would be honored to share songs at rallies, protests, marches, and conferences ranging from women's rights to environmental justice to animal rights. We are all ONE movement for a more just, equitable and sustainable world.