Elementary School Music Teacher Provides her Students with a Map for Hope in Dark Times

Yellow Lotus Flower is a stunning new children’s sing-a-long book about grief and resilience, written by singer-songwriter and elementary school teacher, Jen Myzel.  At sunset on a pristine mountain valley pond, a lotus seed and a grieving young girl begin their journey from the murky depths of the pond, in search of the courage to break through their shells, release their tears, send their roots deep into the Earth and eventually bloom into the beautiful and wise beings they are meant to be.  Combining watercolor visuals and an angelic folk song, Yellow Lotus Flower cracks open the hearts of children and adults alike.  In these times of environmental and political turmoil, this book provides an essential message that the darkness is a natural and necessary part of our transformation.

Author Contact:

Jen Myzel

Even children know that dark feelings and unhappiness come, and where's the guidance there? Yellow Lotus Flower takes the wisdom for that directly from the natural world, and you can believe that.”

— Joanna Macy, Author, Scholar, Environmental Activist

Publication Info

Publication Date: Aug 15, 2019 
Publisher: Self-published through Ingram-Spark 
Softcover: $18.00, Hardcover: $25.00 
Where: bit.ly/yellowlotus