From spoken word protest music to ritualistic hymns, hip-hop dance grooves to sultry lullabies about love and the cosmos, Jen Myzel’s music is medicine for these times. Her three studio albums and one children's sing-a-long book are created to inspire, activate and soothe all who listen.  

'While there are many artists out there making a lot of noise without much to say, you’ll be able to find Jen Myzel’s distinctive sound on the other side of the coin. The Californian artist is perceptibly gifted when it comes to orchestrating uplifting and empowering soundscapes. Not by utilizing abrasively ‘happy’ tones, but meditatively easing you into a better mind space with compellingly conscious lyrical wisdom.' - AnRFactory Music Blog 

Jen's music reflects her seven years of study with deep ecologist, Joanna Macy. In addition to her songwriting, Jen is an elementary school music teacher, Work that Reconnects Facilitator, and author. Jen's children’s sing-a-long book, Yellow Lotus Flower, has been praised by Joanna Macy as “a story for our times”.  

Jen has collaborated with inspiring, family-friendly artists including the Alphabet Rockers, Octopretzel and Empty Hands Music, and has performed at the Bioneers Conference. Jen is a song-leader in the Thrive Street Choir and has written and led many songs for direct actions and rituals across the Bay Area, including the widely-sung “Gentle Heart”.

Jen currently lives in a land-based community in Occidental, California with her partner Simcha, cat Socks, and seven other soulful humans learning how to be more graceful stewards of this precious Earth.