Gentle Heart


Gentle Heart
Gentle Soul
Gentle Mind, Mind
Life is change
Love Remains
All the Time, Time (x.2)

From the Eagle in the Sky
To the Fish in the Sea
To the Great Grandmothers Watchin' Over Me

Vocals, Shaker- Jen Myzel
Frame Drum- Eric James

Gentle Heart was a true gift of reception. I have the honor to sit in Sweat Lodge ceremonies of the Lakota Tradition here where I live in Northern California, and they are some of the most purifying and deeply nourishing ceremonies for me to be a part of. This particular song came to me after a deep clearing from the sacred steam of the lodge. I awoke in the morning singing this simple chant in my head. I recorded on the iPhone while I was still in a half-awake dream space, and the song was recorded for the album a few days later.