Community Work that Reconnects Daylong

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My Home, Richmond, CA

At this moment in time, it feels that we are all being called forth to ask ourselves deep questions of how to rise to this precarious, dangerous, and activated moment on planet Earth. I can feel so small and overwhelmed at times, and then I am reminded to hear that voice, and then move forward, so this gathering is in service to the voice of 'keep going'.

I am very grateful to have studied the Work that Reconnects with Joanna Macy over the past three years, and these are the exact moments that this work was created for, so I am calling together community on Sunday, December 4th, from 10 AM- 5:30 PM, to move through the Spiral of this work, from Gratitude, to honoring our pain for the world, to seeing with new eyes, and Going Forth.

The intention is to create a container for our gratitude, our rage, our fear, our grief; all of the emotions that come up right now- to honor them as community, to hold them in ritual, to learn from them and what they are asking of us. To access larger intelligences for support during this time, and ultimately to move forward with concrete actions as to what is most needed from us, individually and collectively. I will give ample time for community brainstorming at the end, as I would like to move our energy into action.

I ask for there to be an energy exchange of some kind, be it flowers, food, or a monetary donation that will go to the Standing Rock Water Protectors. You can decide the specifics of it.

I will be hosting this at my home in Richmond, CA, so we can have a maximum of 25 people. If you know you want to come, please RSVP, because I have the sense that this will fill up. And pass this along to anyone else who you would like to bring or who you think is in need of this kind of support at this time.